Our Business is Anticipating Yours

Forecast, Inc. team has experience working with over 20 different airlines with various business models and in different geographies. Our experience, knowledge of best practices, analytical and forecasting ability, and tools allow us to provide an outstanding product to our clients. Forecast, Inc. offers experience in the following capacities:

Airline Start-Up

Forecast, Inc. has worked with several start-up prospects and has the capacity, industry knowledge, and expertise to do so. Our value proposition for start-up carriers is specifically around the commercial planning elements of the carrier, such as: Airport and Vendor Negotiation • Business Planning • Data Management • Distribution Support / Strategy • Fleet evaluation and cost modeling • Route and schedule planning • Revenue Forecasting • Strategic Assessments • Systems Implementation • Yield Management and pricing support


In an increasingly inter-connected world the need for good strategy and tactics in the field of alliances has never been more critical. Forecast, Inc. has tools to value both existing and potential relationships. Sample of Specialties Include: Alliance relationship strategy • Forecast value of codeshare/ interline partners • Strategic assessment of alliance/ interline portfolio

Fleet Planning

Fleet decisions carry substantial weight for any airline. A poor fleeting choice can carry consequences for an airline for many years, while also having massive capital spend implications. Forecast, Inc. has experts in fleet planning who can support your executive team in their fleet decisions. Sample of Specialties Include: Fleet Order / Option Analysis • Fleet-Type Evaluation • LOPA reviews • Vendor Negotiation

Network Planning

Network Planning is without question one of the most critical functions of an airline and is an integral part in determining company profitability, customer proposition, operational performance, and the strategic vision of an airline. Forecast, Inc. has several individuals who have held senior leadership position at profitable growth airlines. From a capacity planning perspective, Forecast, Inc. has developed route forecasting models and tools. Employing our expertise coupled with data sources and tools unique to our firm, Forecast, Inc. can be engaged to best optimize your carrier’s capacity. Sample of Specialties Include: New Route Revenue and Cost Forecasting • Network Frequency Modelling • Competitive QSI Analysis

Pricing and Revenue Management

At Forecast, Inc. we can create customized route and flight-based pricing and yield strategies, considering your airline’s competition, current service, route network, and goals. In addition to strategy development, Forecast, Inc. has the capacity to support in the tactical aspects of pricing and revenue management. We can develop fare rules and routing in ATPCO, while distributing fares to websites and other GDSs. Separately, we can conduct reviews of different promotional pricing activities and evaluate ancillary revenue streams. Sample of Specialties Include: Monitor revenue performance for flown results and advances • Build fare classes and adjust inventory • Develop pricing and yield strategies and KPIs 

Schedule Distribution

As the ultimate channel for access to your customer, the importance of quality process and tools for schedule distribution cannot be understated. Forecast, Inc. can leverage years of experience with tools, vendors, and process development with regard to schedule distribution to ensure revenues have been maximized by your distribution channels at the most affordable costs. For smaller clients, Forecast, Inc. can maintain your schedule files. Sample of Specialties Include: Review and process improvement for schedule distribution • Vendor evaluation • Schedule maintenance and distribution

Schedule Planning

Forecast, Inc. helps you navigate the continued balance between operational, cost, and revenue performance that is schedule planning. The team at Forecast, Inc. has the capabilities to evaluate all schedule parameters from an operational and economic view. Our suite of products and decades of experience can help in all aspects of a carrier’s schedule development process. Sample of Specialties Include: Review of schedule development process • Building aircraft rotations (& process evaluation) • Connectivity reviews • Parameter reviews (economic and operational) • Fleet assignment modeling