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Forecast, Inc. team has experience with dozens of communities and airports throughout the world. Our focus with airports is on the promotion and development of air service. All partners in the firm have airline route planning experience and can assess and identify both domestic and international route opportunities. Forecast, Inc. can act as the liaison between your airport or community with the airline industry to secure additional service and also has multiple tools and the necessary experience to maintain existing levels of service. Strategies for securing new air service and supporting existing service levels include:

Fare Monitoring

Special tools to evaluate selling fares in both a client’s airport as well as fares to surrounding communities. We can identify if airfares are hurting traffic at a client airport, and coordinate with the airlines to work towards a fare restructure. Forecast-Inc. has the tools and capability to review both historical trends and forward-looking fare information.

Leakage Analysis

When passengers from an airport’s catchment area elect to fly from another airport, that terminology is called leakage. Every leaked passenger is lost revenue for the airlines, airport, and community. Ultimately, a material amount of leaked passengers will put airline service in jeopardy in a community. Forecast, Inc. meticulously studies catchment rates both by zip code within the client’s airport and by destination. Coupled with Forecast Inc.’s access to load factor, average fare, and booking information- we can work in tandem with both airlines and airports to reduce leakage in a community.

New Market Forecasting and Review

At Forecast, Inc. we continue to study and review both international and domestic markets for opportunities. Our route planning experience gives us the capacity to assess potential revenues and costs by market. We pinpoint service opportunities for your airport, develop a review and forecast for the market, and act as the representative for the airport to secure service.

Relationship Management

Forecast, Inc. has existing relationships with all major carriers in the United States and multiple clients and relationships abroad. We can leverage those existing relationships to ensure that our airport clients have access to decision-makers in the airline industry.

Schedule Assessment

Forecast, Inc. regularly works with airport clients to assess airline schedules in their markets. While airlines are ultimately responsible for their system-wide schedule, Forecast Inc. can put specific focus on optimizing a client airports schedule for both local marketing time and network connectivity. When opportunities are identified for improvement, we can leverage our relationship with airlines to secure better schedules and protect service levels in a community.