Data Tool
Our Business is Anticipating Yours

Forecast, Inc. has a variety of subscription services that include: route support and solutions for your airline or airport needs, data analytics based on schedule and booking data from airlines, and the ability to gain a deeper understanding of where revenue maximization can occur. For additional information on our proprietary data product described below, please contact us.

Some of the Features:

– Profit / Loss by Market

– Breakdown of Revenue Data

– Breakdown of Sales Data

– New Features Added Monthly 

Since 2017, Forecast, Inc.’s cutting edge proprietary data analytics tool has been used not only for pulling extensive sales and revenue reports, but has also helped explain the past, present, and forecasted future of a company’s raw data.

By pulling the raw data each night, Forecast, Inc.’s tool is able to stay up to date with the most current information. Because of this, we are able to provide meaningful reports that are easy to understand and help keep track of your business. 

To inquire more about all of the features our data tool has to offer, contact us now.