Case Study: Non-stop Air Service to the Caribbean
Discover How Forecast Helped Secure New Non-stop Air Service to the Caribbean
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We are Forecast, a full-service air development consulting firm. We focus on creating solutions to enable the movement of passengers by air to benefit our clients and maximize the financial and economic impact for each client. Our clients are local governments, resort properties, and tourism authorities. Our services are designed to provide maximum value for both our clients and commercial air service partners.

Our Mission: Increase direct air service from the North American Midwest to swiftly grow visitor arrivals.

Overview/Challenge: Grow Non-stop Air Service to a New Market

The destination already had existing non-stop service options, both from the US East Coast and Canada. However, the destination recognized that other options would be helpful to advance its desires for increased tourism arrivals. We found a market where the demographics matched our target audience of people ready and willing to travel to the Caribbean.

Solution: Find an Airline Partner

We knew what the client wanted, and we knew that delivering it would take the right airline partner. Through established relationships with various airlines, Forecast was able to identify and secure the best carrier to deliver in a mutually beneficial way.

Solution: Build the Market

A bespoke marketing and promotional partnership was developed between the airline and the destination to inspire travel from both ends of the route. 

The Results: Increase in Visitor Arrivals

The inaugural rotation delivered 1,599 new visitors over 4 months.

Other airlines saw increase in passengers on the same route:

Other airlines increased passengers from the said market after promotional work to support flight.

Occupancy rates increased:

Average length of stay per passenger on said flight increased over the market average for the destination.

Increased revenue based on per-person-per-day spend:

Total spend by passengers on the service was US $2.1 million on goods and service exclusive of accommodations.

Airport usage increased:

The addition of the new service contributed to record setting passenger and flight arrivals and departures.

"Mission accomplished! Both the airline and the destination benefited.
Forecast delivered an airline with flights at the right time to facilitate the needs of the client."

Having knowledgeable air service development experts at Forecast proved valuable and convenient to tackle and solve this problem for a tourism destination. We are well positioned for success as we can speak the language of the airlines and simultaneously understand, relate to, and communicate with the needs of the locales seeking more visitors and the best way to get them there.

Our delivery of this airline eliminated some challenges and created some opportunities.

Firstly, we diversified the country’s North American flight map, changing it from solely east-coast departures by adding multiple midwest departure cities.

Secondly, we strategically and simultaneously made access to the island easier from the West Coast and other North American cities.

Thirdly, the carrier was ready to partner on additional routes which mutually benefitted them and the destination.

What is the use of airlift without passengers? Whether the market is established or not, sales and marketing are key to getting passengers ont the aircraft, and a promotional partnership between the airline and destination was the best option in this case.

Forecast delivered an airline with flights at the right time to facilitate the needs of the client. The market was built through a sales and marketing partnership and the results were evident.